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Wood Land Recordings

Woodland Recordings in Nordkurve

In April 2016, Woodland Recordings held an exhibition of it's work and releases in the Nordkurve gallery. For the last 10 years the music label has been making everything in handmade, very limited editions and by now they have an wide, exciting catalogue.

The Nordkurve - Stephen Burch's second living room.
Many of the artists that the label works with play concerts and tour throughout Europe, and the label's founder Stephen Burch lives in Nuremberg. A good opportunity for artists to stop and make concerts here.

Stephen has a flair for quality and stubbornness. Selective. The concerts he organises take place in an informal, acoustic atmosphere and local musicians are always very welcome. Whilst living in Brighton, the label organised concerts in the centre of the city every month and over time these welcomed a great audience and were lots of fun.


Woodland Recordings in Nordkurve
Rothenburgerstraße 51 a
90443 Nürnberg/Gostenhof